Highlighting Amplify Capital

Using impact investing to tackle globally under-addressed challenges

Current investments

$500,000 (2016), $5,000,000 (2022)

Amplify Capital is a leading Canadian impact venture capital fund that invests in early-stage startups generating solutions to global challenges in the climate, education, and healthcare sectors. The fund collaborates with founders, prioritizing underserved markets and opportunities, to generate both impact outcomes and outstanding financial returns. Combined, Amplify’s two funds manage over $42 million in assets, generating a target rate of return of 15-20%. Funds I and II have invested in 22 impact-focused start-ups to date.

Amplify’s impact:

To date, Amplify Capital says its investments have helped save $127 million in healthcare systems costs, improved health outcomes for 4.3 million patients, and supported 15.6 million students and adult learners to prepare for the future of work success. By 2070, their investments will have offset, abated or sequestered over 39 million metric tonnes of CO2e.

One such company, Montreal-based health startup Ditch Labs, uses technology to gradually wean smokers off nicotine, leading to positive health and climate-related impacts. Raising the success rate for quitting smoking from the current 7% to 25% could represent over $1 billion in savings for employers, health networks and hospitals, and over one million lives saved from nicotine addiction. Further, every unsmoked cigarette prevents the release of 1.39 grams of CO2e and saves 3.7 litres of water. Amplify Capital led Ditch Lab’s recent round of seed funding to secure $3.25 million in investments.

The Amplify team goes above and beyond to ensure their funds will create the most value for investors. They do so by only selecting portfolio companies with a potential for high impact and strong financial returns, and then playing an active and supportive role in their governance, especially during financially turbulent times.

“During the economic contractions of 2023, we proactively assisted our portfolio companies with cash flow management support and helped them to identify appropriate additional sources of capital,” expands Kathryn Wortsman, Managing Partner with Amplify Capital.

Amplify’s success demonstrates that impact investing is not only viable but also profitable. Says Wortsman: "Our unique investing approach allows us to spot opportunities early. By understanding a company's stakeholders and challenges, we assess the potential for significant value creation.”

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